Commissioned by Historic Royal Palaces

Director: Chiara Ambrosio
Design and Animation: Chiara Ambrosio, Veselina Dashinova and Fiammetta Horvat
Music composed and performed: James Hesford
Sound design: Mark Peter Wright
Featuring the voice of: Julia Rayner as Queen Victoria
Additional animation: Alex Czinczel
Art-working and inking: Yui Hamagashira


Short Description: 
I created the 2D animation for the Victoria4Albert film in collaboration with Chiara Ambrosio. The story of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s era-defining romance unravels five animated episodes, the first one released on Valentine’s Day 14 February 2012. The films’ release started the countdown to the opening of new exhibition Victoria Revealed at Kensington Palace on 26 March 2012.