THE BIG DRAW and the  REACHOUTRCA at Erith School

2 day Drawing and Animation Workshop|  2008

Facilitators: Aline Helmcke and Veselina Dashinova
Partners: ReachOut RCA and Erith Scholl, London
Workshop Description: 
A 2-day workshop that gives insight into experimental drawn animation techniques. Animation is a time-consuming process. To create a drawn animation sequence usually takes more than two days. Our aim was to get the pupils  develop their own ideas as part of an overall project. Together with the students, we created large scale ‘exquisite corps’, made flip books and worked on a long drawn scrolls.

Drawing was presented as a means of communication rather than a way to mimic the environment. Through various exercises pupils were encouraged to find their own ways of expressing themselves and to engage with their peers. The outcome was a short film as well as individual flip books. The main aim of the workshop was to focus on the process of discovering techniques and ways of interacting through drawing rather than the urge to develop a finished, fully coherent piece of (film)work.

The end result was presented as part of a small exhibition at the Royal College of Art in 2008.