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Working independently or with colleagues, I provide a range of products from filming and post-production to animated logos, infographics, and animated films.  

I specialise in making animated documentaries, as well as producing and directing promotional videos for charities, organisations, and the commercial sector.

I have extensive experience working with a range of traditional animation techniques, such as oil paint on glass, sand animation, large scale, and pixilation.  I am proficient at using the Adobe suite. For my work, I use Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and Affinity Designer together with Premiere Pro.


I have excellent drawing skills and utilise different traditional and contemporary techniques.

I can create everything from straight-forward narrative illustrations to photo collages and computer graphics.


I can develop and facilitate a variety of workshops, seminars, and educational projects. I have experience teaching adults and children and have worked with vulnerable people such as the elderly, homeless teens, and people with mental health conditions.

Since 2007, I regularly teach animation and drawing. I have worked at the UCA, the BFI, RachOut RCA, UCL, University of the Art London, the Tate and the University of East London. I am one of the founders of LittleMakers, an organisation that provides digital art education for children in Bulgaria.