Music: Dai Wei
Dubbing mix: Graham Lawson
Production: Royal College of Art, London

Eat Our Shorts 08, BFI London, United Kingdom
Trickey Women 08, Austria

Log Line: One day I saw myself, watching myself.

Short Description: 

This is a film about the self- physical and metaphorical traveling.

Nearly every journey leads to a change of the self, it helps the self discover but also rediscover, revisit and return. The return to the familiar, to the known land and home, to the roots, can bee seen as a returning to itself. The journey then is not just the movement of the self from point A to point B, but it is also the movement of the self out and in to itself. In other words the self that travels in and out of its own body, returning anew in order to discover itself again.

The traveling is a central theme in this film. It is described as a complex and not a linear process. The journey is seen not only as a movement, but also as a constant change. I look on the movement as an opposition of stillness, winter and death. The movement, the migration is not only a part of life any more, but it is life as such. That is how, opposing death, the journey turns into the equivalent of life.